Saurik has created a masterpiece with Cydia, and although it may have a few flaws here and there in some people’s eyes, everyone just loves what it brings into their lives! It brings ease of use in a lot of cases, simplicity or complexity (depending on your desired tastes), and it enables features that weren’t previously possible without a jailbreak… including Visual Voicemail!

YouMail, Developed and released in Cydia by SaurikIT developer Dustin, brings the popular Visual Voicemail feature to iPhones on ANY carrier… in the world! For those of you who haven’t got an approved carrier backing your iPhone’s networking like those T-Mobile Customers (over 1,000,000 strong), this will be a huge and awesome thing for you. In fact, some existing AT&T and Verizon customers who have Visual Voicemail naturally may want to give this a shot as well, as it includes many awesome features that you don’t even have already!

This is fantastic right? You may even recognize some of these features, and how they work, already if you use Google Voice, which is by far the best way to get free texting on any smartphone, period.

Go ahead and give it a try if you want! – Of course, you’ll have to be jailbroken to do it…. so if you aren’t already, go ahead and click your firmware to get started.

Which firmware you got? ::: iOS 4.1 / iOS 4.2.1 / iOS 4.3.1 / iOS 4.3.3

Now… you can use this if you aren’t jailbroken as well, it just isn’t going to be quite as clean (and it won’t be integrated into the normal like Cydia does). You can download their FREE APP from the APP STORE by Clicking HERE instead.

(source: Cydia)

UPDATE: Users have informed us that this service works for some Android Phones as well. You can find the App in the Android Market! – Please note however, that it likely will not be “integrated” into the existing Phone application… Still Great though!

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