One of my favorite features from the new Google Plus social network is my ability to edit comments and edit posts after I leave them. Now matter how long it is, or how bad the typos were, I’ve always had the ability to edit them at any time.

Less than a year ago, Facebook rolled out a featured that would temporarily allow users to edit comments after they created them. You would, however, have a few seconds to act quickly to catch your mistakes, and edit a comment very shortly after leaving it. Now, that feature is being enhanced further, and users will now be able to edit their comments at any time… even comments you left in the past.

Pictured above, as you can see, is the modified button to the right of the comments. Rather than having an “X” appear next to the comment on the right, the button has been replaced with a pencil. Clicking the pencil opens a menu that will allow you to edit the comment anytime you want.

It won’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve left the comment, but when you do decide to edit, a comment history will be shown to reflect the changes. This will allow people who have commented in the past, or those who are reading a thread for the first time to be included in the conversation that everyone was seeing at the time. This is Facebook’s way of preserving a conversation, even if somebody decides to switch their words entirely.

What do you think of this new feature? Will this make commenting on Facebook a more enjoyable experience for you? I personally love that they’re finally doing this, because receiving multiple notifications from comments, and having to copy/paste what I want to say and say it over again, is really annoying. Leave us a thought or two in the comments below!


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