AT&T and T-Mobile customers should be very familiar with the advantages of using SIM cards in their phones. It allows flexibility like no CDMA carrier has been able to produce, when it comes to switching devices (or trying out new ones). One features that many phone-fans have wanted recently, is support for dual-SIMs, or the ability to use two SIM cards in one device simultaneously. This function would allow people to have two phone numbers for one device (or three if they use Google Voice… or four if they use Google Voice for each number… yeah, it’ll get confusing most likely).

The iPhone doesn’t have that support yet. Unless, you buy this case when it comes out!

Presenting the Vooma Peel PG92, a case that gives iPhone users not only an extended, but adds those wonderful dual-SIM capabilities to the iPhone as well.

The case is made by the same people who made Peel, the universal iPhone remote.

One thing to consider, is that this case is big, and it will add a lot of size to the device. If you are familiar with Otterbox, and you don’t mind those bulky things, then this case will be awesome for you. If you’re like me, and don’t care for lugging around a brick in your pocket, then perhaps the benefits won’t quite outweigh the negatives of size for you.

The case is large because it not only protects the phone well, but also adds an additional battery, and has a dock connector on it (because the stock connector is now deep inside the case. What most people will probably love about this case is when another SIM is installed in the case and users download the Vooma app.

The Vooma app, in combination with this case… is nothing short of magical.

The app emulates the iPhone’s original phone application, and allows people to make calls using that second SIM card in the case. This allows users to make phone calls from two different SIM cards in the same phone. In case you haven’t added this up yet… that pretty much unlocks the device.

If you travel a lot, or live in a location where your iPhone is technically not supported (and you’re locked out), this case will be a Godsend for you. This is especially true, because it will open up support for PRE-PAID SIMS TOO!

This case, unlike Peel, will not be showing up in Apple Stores or really any carrier store either. I’ll leave you to just imagine why that would be! :D

Unfortunately, like all wonderful things in life that seem to good to be true, this dual-SIM functionality, and the Vooma application will require your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to be jailbroken in order to work. When you consider, however, that jailbreaks are far more abundant than unlocks, this doesn’t seem like too big of an issue.

When this case comes out, Sprint and Verizon customers who are frustrated by now being able to travel out of the country can rest a little easier knowing their device is now an actual world phone. AT&T customers looking to move to T-Mobile will be able to make calls internationally as well.

Anybody looking to use a pre-paid SIM… Be happy.

One thing to note, however, for SPRINT CUSTOMERS ONLY, is that your carrier will actually allow the iPhone 4 and 4S owners in good standing to remove their SIM card, and use Prepaid International SIMs if they call and ask for permission. Don’t just try it, ask first before you go abroad.

Check out more photos of this device below (Photos by TechCrunch)


(Source/Photo Credit: TechCrunch)

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