Apple doesn’t usually give every single bit of information about their products at their announcements. It would take hours to disclose all of the information to people that others around the web are going to find out anyways. It’s a great decisions for multiple reasons. It saves them time, and it helps them get press attention with other popular sites having something to write about.

Apple spends time disclosing what they feel is the most important elements of their products. The user experience, takes first place every time. This is why they focus on the Retina display in the newly announced iPad. They focus on their software, and their apps. Anything that a user will come into direct contact with, they introduce on stage. Things that aren’t quite as important for them, is RAM.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is like a backpack for your computer’s commute to work. Your computer likely knows where things are, and can retrieve them, but after a while, computers start working harder and harder to do the same tasks. Putting stuff in your backpack allows you to quickly grab something though, and the bigger the backpack, the more stuff you can put in there.

Having more RAM is important for running multiple applications, and for running graphically intense applications (or apps that need to store a lot of information while their running). The original iPad and the iPad 2 both came with 512MB of RAM. For those who look at specs in comparison to other devices, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot. For those that observe how the device operates and handles it’s functions efficiently, they’ll see it’s about right for what is needed. – The new iPad is a different story altogether though.

The new iPad has a lot of enhancements, particularly in the graphics and image rendering department. With that extra power, app developers are going to be able to create all sorts of wonderful apps for consumers, and now that they have all that power, they’ll want to be sure they can use all of it. The iPad now has 1GB of RAM to allow them that ability.

Does this change whether a person will buy it or not. I doubt it. The main reason to buy an iPad was never exclusively about it’s specs in the first place. It was about combining what was most important to the end users together, and leaving out the junk. I’d say they’re doing a great job, considering their popularity and the rising investor confidence.

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