Microsoft has released an Xbox Live app for iOS devices, bringing features of Microsoft’s gaming service to Apple devices for the first time. Video game enthusiast that have been rocking an iPhone, iPod, or iPad are now able to enjoy a mobile app for their Xbox Live accounts.

The application gives users the ability to edit their 3-D avatars, chat with Xbox Live friends that are connected to them, and also view their achievements. The app also gives gamers access to important information about their accounts, other apps, and breaking news about the latest games. The app also allows access to a few game tips as well, in case you’re in need of a small amount of guidance. It’s the first time iOS users have had access to such functionality with an app.

Windows Phone users have been enjoying an ongoing native linking service with their Xbox Live accounts for quite some time, and it has been an advantage as far as selling their phones in the past. Now iOS users can get a piece of the action. Interesting enough, the app will give users a windows phone-like experience on their handsets as well, because that app uses screens similar to Windows phone devices. It has a horizontal bar across the top of the screen, which houses circular icons what Windows Phone 7 fans have grown to love in their mobile applications, and it has also snuck-in their web-based demo of Windows Phone as well.

You may remember Microsoft’s web-based demo of Windows Phone 7, which is entirely HTML5, and marketed directly at iPhone users in an attempt to win them over with their unique UI. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check that out, click here.

All that’s left really for Microsoft to do now, is release Microsoft Office applications for all of those millions of iPad owners. “Pretty please? We’d love you forever!”

If you’d like to get your hands on the new Xbox Live app, it’s available free right now in the App Store. DOWNLOAD HERE.

(via GameInformer)(Thanks Ron for the tip!)

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