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The X theme is powerful, elegant, and sophisticated, yet simple to use, amazingly supported and documented, and incredibly flexible and future-proof. While it doesn't have "all" of the elements we'd love to have, the development team has expressed that more features are coming in the future in the form of updates.

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Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in. Today I’m reviewing (or just giving you a tour of) a new WordPress theme, which I believe is the best WordPress theme I’ve ever seen so far. Why do I think that? Because I’ve never made a video of one before, and this one all but forced me to want to make one. Maybe it even started a trend. I’ll likely make more in the future.

X is developed by Themco, and as far as I can tell it’s their very first theme. The developers collaborated with a variety of different designers, SEO experts, and many other ‘experts’ in WordPress and website development. Through their partnership with experts, they’ve managed to achieve a system that allows X to be as future proof and expansive as it is beautiful. The theme works on a never-before-seen segmented design system they refer to as “stacks,” and while the word “segmented” is used very loosely here, and is often taken in a negative tone here at HotTips, the results they’ve produced sing a very different tune.

Out of the box, at this time, there are 30 different configurations to look through on their LIVE DEMO of the theme, which you should absolutely check out if you’re considering this for your business. Through these demos, you’ll see a sophistication and dynamic flexibility that you’ve never witnessed in a single WordPress theme before.

While each element found within the demos are not entirely “shocking” or “original” in concept, having them all incorporated in a single theme purchase with the promise of even more to come in the future is unheard of. Normally, you’d need several purchases to achieve what X gives you right away. And, when I say “right away”, I mean that as well. All of the 30 layouts they’ve presented in their demos are easily implemented with a download of demo content, directly from their forums. You can simply import the layout you want, and then tweak it from there.

Although the admin panel is a bit more complex than much simpler WordPress themes, it’s warranted in the case of X, which attributes it’s flexibility to the plethora of shortcodes that compliment the Stacks system. I’ve personally never seen this many shortcodes included with a theme before. There are codes for page layouts, embedding media, diversifying typography, buttons, and even a way to make transparent buttons… which can float ON TOP of photos in your posts.

x buttons on photo

Never seen a shortcode so simple do something so awesome. SEE MORE SHORTCODES

Have you ever had a theme allow you to place a modern, transparent button on top of an image with a simple shortcode? X does it. If you’re needing a business website, this is the theme for you, hands down. Nobody wants to keep paying for more designs as modern times go on, and the developers have stated their commitment to ongoing development and support in the future, and have demonstrated excellent support on the listing page, and in their forums.

Even though I’m convinced this is the best WordPress theme ever built so far, and it’s easily a quality-standard setter for future theme development on the platform, it isn’t currently “perfect,” and certain purposes are still not quite suitable to be used with X. For example, If you’re looking for a standard “blog” styling and post structure to your website, this theme may not be for you just yet. The traditional blog format has survived so long because people like it, and it’s super easy to follow and get information with it (decreasing bounce rates). Blog templates that come with X are fairly large, and by large I mean that the post contents in the list of posts (posts pages) are huge, and take up far too much room compared to a standard layout (such as the one we have on our homepage here at HotTips!). The developers have expressed that this has been requested a lot, and they’ll be adding some more stacks in the future that will look to utilize this styling, so those who choose to purchase today will find this coming to them in the future.

Another feature that’s missing, which will be added in a later update according to the developers, is “mega menus.” Mega Menus, such as the one we have above under our logo here, offer a more dynamic presentation of content, and is proven to raise page views per visitor, and lower bounce rate as a result. While X doesn’t yet have this capability, the function has been noted and developers have it on their “to do lists” for the future.

The last gripe I have about this theme, although I don’t personally have a specific use for it just yet, is bbPress and Buddypress integration. Yes, it’s true that bbPress and Buddypress are perfectly compatible, and that we shouldn’t have any problems using the plugins to create forums and social communities on our websites, but it’s not integrated with the styling. In other words, your bbPress and Buddypress areas won’t incorporate theme-specific styling, and thus will look a bit out of place within the elegance of your stunning X-based website. This is again something that has been brought to the attention of the developers, and they’ve expressed that it’s on their list for the future, but there’s no time estimate as to how long it will be until it’s presented to us.

Other than these minor details that are sure to get updated eventually, the X theme for WordPress is fantastic, and it’s scoring an incredible number of sales in a very short time. You’ll be able to check out everything regarding X, and purchase the theme for yourself here: http://cpry.net/LP6pLW

If you’d like me to do more WordPress reviews and tours, let me know in the comments. This is the first time I’ve talked about one, so I’m unsure of what the response will be for more. I really enjoy WordPress themes, and while this is the first one I’ve ever done (and it was done spur of the moment without much planning), I have a track record of quality videos, and can easily incorporate this review category into my video standards.

This theme has been updated a LOT since this review was written, and there is a lot more content about the changes at the HotTips YouTube Channel. Visit there to learn more.

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