Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was an awesome upgrade to the Mac’s Operating system when it first came out. We wrote up lots of awesome details on the day it came to be a reality IN A PREVIOUS ARTICLE HERE.

With Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple has taken to improve on what already exists, by combining their platforms together just a little bit more. Mountain Lion contains lots of iOS features which have been tweaked to run fantastically on the Mac. When Apple announced Mountain lion before, they showed us 10 brand new features, many of which were familiar to anybody who currently uses an iPhone or an iPad.

Features such as iMessage, Notes, iCloud, and Reminders are all things we iOS users are very familiar with by now. Our new notifications system is a great addition to the Mac as well. Some other new additions we may not be as familiar with are Gatekeeper, Share Sheets, and Airplay Mirroring. With these enhancements to how we secure our data, display our activity, and share our content, Apple is bridging the gap between their personal computing platforms and their mobile ones.

Apple’s Mac chief, Craig Federighi, said the revamped OS includes more than 200 new features, including iCloud integration and 1,700 new APIs.

Among my favorite features is Messages being brought to the Mac. I love the idea of being able to iMessage from my computer, and being able to instantly go into a FaceTime conversation with them with the press of a button is an added bonus I welcome as well. Another thing is iCloud integrations, synchronizing my entire work and personal life together will bring an extremely sophisticated level of convenience into my life, without me needing to jump through hoops and third-party services. I love it.

The upgrade to Mountain Lion will be available to those currently running Snow Leopard and Lion. The revamped OS focuses heavily on iCloud and integration with other iDevices. Federighi said today that iCloud now has 125 million users.

With Mountain Lion, pinch-to-zoom will bring up your list of open tabs on any device you are logged into with iCloud. Basically, your Mac is about to get a whole lot more friendly with your iOS devices, as they should be.

Twitter will also be built in to Mountain Lion. Apple will do away with iChat and replace it with iMessage. You can share photos from inside iPhoto direct to iMessage or Twitter.

Some new additions that we hadn’t previously seen were also shown to us today. Let’s take a moment to look into those developments as well.


Apple is bringing the same diction technology that owners of the new iPad are familiar with to the Mac! Users will be able to easily speak anything they want to type right into any field that takes text.

Power Nap

Power Nap is a brand new feature we hadn’t heard of before, which allows your system to update all active applications, and even backup it’s data while it sleeps. Imagine that, the computer will update and back everything up, while its sleeping. It’s incredibly power efficient, and it runs silently and automatically.

Sharing Enhancements

Sharing is also vastly enhanced, and with the touch of a button, you can share things from almost any application thanks to a system-wide share button. So no matter if you are looking to share something via email, or tweet a photo on your system, Mountain Lion handles these requests natively, and easily. Everything is integrated into the new sharing button for Mac OS X. Facebook integration included as well, just like in iOS 6.

There are over 200 new features coming with Mountain Lion. You can hear more about


Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be available for download directly from the Mac App Store beginning next month at an amazingly low price of just $19.99. Awesome.


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