Because the workers at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco went ahead and hung a big banner for iOS 6 before Apple’s keynote presentation, we already knew iOS 6 was a certainty for this event. Awesomely enough, as expected, they unveiled the next edition to the most advanced mobile operating system in the world: iOS 6.

The new version of iOS comes packed with loads of cool features, many of which were rumored about for quite sometime. Let’s take a look at a few of those awesome features now. We’ll start with the biggest one, and then move to the other awesome editions from there. There are a lot of really cool things, so lets get started!


I can’t even fully tell you everything cool about the new maps. It’s just too awesome to fully cover in writing. You simply need to see it for yourself.

It was rumored for a long time, even with visual evidence around the internet, that Apple would be unveiling a new update to their Maps application, which would finally be rid of Google Maps as the primary stock navigation. Apple didn’t disappoint, revealing a glorious 3D maps application enhancement using their own systems. Apple is now one step closer to their ultimate goal of cutting out third-parties from their stock services entirely (although features like the stock app and web search will likely always utilize Yahoo and Google respectfully, since Apple isn’t in that business).

Apple’s Maps is fantastic, and it’s fully integrated with Siri, so you can ask Siri to take you anywhere you’d like. It works very quickly, and as previously rumored, supports brilliant 3D renderings of locations unlike anything we’ve seen yet from Apple’s platform.

Maps is very polished, although we can assume there will be bugs and glitches from time to time to start out. Apple acquired some pretty amazing 3D mapping companies, such as Poly9, and brought in their technology to aid them in presenting a great user experience for all.

Maps now has the capability of showing you the streets, allowing you to see the roads, and follow you on your journey with a visual representation of where you are. The application will also provide you with turn-by-turn directions!

Maps is also the beginning of smarter-location tracking and information distribution. While navigating with traffic view, users will see up to the minute traffic information regarding their route. What makes this system unique and innovative, is how it obtains that data. You see, Apple knows the speed limit for the roads you’ll be traveling on, and they also know how fast you’re going (because you’re tracking yourself with location services). Using that information is useful for determining your speed, and whether you’re speeding, but it’s also useful for crowd-sourced information. Using this same data from hundreds of other drivers, Maps can quickly and intelligently update traffic information. If people are traveling significantly slower than the speed-limit, it’s obvious there is congestion.

Alongside that traffic information, Maps will determine detours people have taken to get around the congested area, and send you a push notification about a possible route that would be better for that specific time. Awesome!

Although people will likely read this segment and think “Oh, Apple is tracking me” and think it’s a bad thing, remember that you are using an iPhone, and trying to take advantage of a feature (willingly) that needs to utilize location information. Also, everything is sent anonymously. They don’t know who you are, and aren’t recording your every move (you specifically). This is generic crowd-sourced information. It’s fantastic.

Those running iPhone 4S and the newest iPad can enjoy rich 3D map environments with the “Fly Over” feature within Apple’s new Maps application, giving rich renderings of locations to help you plan, or just for fun exploration

This breakthrough maps application will revolutionize how we plan our trips, find destinations, and travel intelligently no matter how long or difficult the journey. It’ll also be really cool to see this used in a classroom environment to show geographical locations to students, and help them learn about cities around the world.

That’s the biggest of all the features, but there are so many other cool things to see as well. Check out the other awesome editions right here:

See Even More Features Here!!


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