This being my first attempt at an app review, I decided that I’d do a review of one of my favorite games. I first played World of Goo on my Wii and was blown away by the visuals, storytelling and simple physics based gameplay. Keep in mind that this was just downloadable content on the Wii. In a sea of mediocre, second rate games, this stood above the rest. It even won IGN’s Wii Game of the Year. No longer having a Wii, I was excited to find it available on both iOS and Android.



This game is all about the World of Goo Corporation. They use the goo that you collect to make World of Goo Corporation Trademark Brand Soft Drink Beverage, and World of Goo Corporation Trademark Brand Facial Exfoliating Lotion. (Quite a mouthful!) Each level has a set number of goo balls that you use to create a structure. You must get them from wherever they are to the pipe used to suck them away. At first all the goo balls you use are black, but as you progress you find all kinds of different goo balls with different properties to help you finish the level. Each chapter of the game takes place in it’s own season.



This game was made for a touch interface. Grabbing the little goo balls and placing them is a lot easier on my Rezound than it ever was using the Wii-mote. The physics based gameplay makes the game both intuitive and difficult at times. I like a game you can easily pick up and set down. World of Goo fits the bill just perfectly.



As much fun as this game is to play, it is just as much fun to look at. The artistry is striking, beautiful, and playful. They’ve created an awesome world for you to take in.


Overall I love this game. It’s as much fun to play, as it is to look at. The game remains challenging enough, without forcing you to throw your valuable phone across the wall. The music compliments the artistry. I did find a “bug” where feint wasn’t operating as it should. All your extra goo balls are given a second life where you are able to build them freely. The goal is just to build them as high as possible. You are supposed to be able to see other users tower height represented as clouds. It never worked for me. Not a big deal but hopefully we see a fix for that since it adds a competitive element to the game.


World of Goo for Android and World of Goo HD for iOS are priced at $4.99
World of Goo for iOS is priced at $2.99
The World of Goo demo for Android is free.
Android Market: World of Goo [Paid], World of Goo [DEMO]
iOS: World of Goo HD, World of Goo


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