The entire US Government is in an uproar about Wikileaks, the site responsible for making thousands of private government documents public on their website. Their claims state that their continued online presense would not only be a danger to society as a whole, but is also branding Wikileaks as a terrorist organization that must be stopped, essentially putting them on the same level as alQaida.

Wikileaks is a website that has boasted, and claims it will continue to post private government and military documents to the world. Providing the truth to the people; The truth the government doesn’t want us to know. Some consider this site to be awesome, claiming that the site has helped open the eyes of the American people. Others would say that have put our lives in danger with every new word they upload.

Whatever the case may be… Hilary Clinton has stated that they must “take action” to prevent Wikileaks from compromising the saftey of the United States and it’s allies. She stated in her speach today that concern about Iran is widely shared, and that “releasing documents poses real risk for real people.”

What are your thoughts on Wikileaks? Should this site be officially labeled a “terroist organization” or should they be allowed to post the information given to them? Remember, they are receiving documents from inside sources, and making them public. Who are the “traitors” here? Wikileaks, or the men and woman on the inside feeding them their information?

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