Cell phone data is pretty fast today. I can load webpages in just a few seconds, download songs with little wait time, and my jailbroken iPhone handles FaceTime over 3G really well, with no glitches. I uploaded a three-minute  HD movie to YouTube in under 5 minutes on AT&T’s 3G network. No problem.

But it’s getting faster. Verizon already has a pretty good head start on AT&T for “4G” data coverage, dubbed ‘LTE’ by the tech-world, and they are expanding quickly every day. Sprint has it’s “WiMaxx” network up and running too, and millions of people are flying fast as hell across the digital world. Stuff is getting crazy.. and so are the people. People who can’t wait for LTE that is. They believe it’ll change everything, and they can’t wait to get their hands on this incredibly fast infrastructure building rocket of a data network, and communicate online in speeds we’ve never seen on a mobile platform before. They thinks it’s the most important factor in choosing a carrier, and the carriers would love for you to feel that way too.

Well… I don’t.

In my eyes, LTE is not important. I know what you’re thinking… “What? Not important? Are you nuts!? It’s the future!” Yes, It’s the future, but that doesn’t mean I care about it all that much. LTE brings a huge speed benefit, but it’s cost and power consumption turn me off to it for the time being. AT&T’s HSPA+ network has been in my area for several months now. The speed is always over 3.5Mbps, and the reliability is top-notch. The coverage is wonderful, covering every single inch of where I travel on a weekly basis. I pay $30 per month for that, and it’s the element that matters to me the most by far. I accumulate just under 2GB per month on average, but occasionally I’ll find myself around 2.5GB or even sometimes 3GB of usage per month. That’s wonderful for me, because I am still grandfathered into unlimited data.

Speaking of unlimited data; moving to a plan that supports LTE would likely eliminate my unlimited data, which I care most about simply because of usage trends. My brother uses more data than I do, so I know it matters to him as well (he’s averaging something crazy like 2,000 text messages a month with Google Voice, which raises that data rate up a bit more). With that being said, why would LTE excite me? I don’t care about it, and would be completely fine if it never came. Cell phone providers are going to charge outrageous rates for the service anyways, simply because idiot Americans will buy it. They apparently need data speeds on their phones that are faster than their home internet network. That’s nice for you guys, and you can have fun paying twice what you are paying now, because the carriers are going to gauge the shit out of your wallet, and they won’t feel bad at all. After all… If I went and got LTE when it came out… I’d be asking to get slapped with my own money.

I shouldn’t really need to explain this anymore… It’s as easy as breaking it down in a nice little Pros and Cons list:

BENEFITS of getting LTE:
  1. Data becomes a ton faster
  2. ….. That’s it
BAD STUFF about getting LTE:
  1. My cell phone bill climbs about $20-$30 per month… PER LINE that uses it
  2. Battery life on device reduces, and therefore amount of usage time is reduced
  3. I lose my Unlimited data plan, and get charged for overage (which are more likely from the speed)


Sorry boys and girls… It’s just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

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