House has been my favorite television series for a while (aside from LOST, which was amazing), but unfortunately due to my 18 hour-per-day-always-working-on-something-schedule, I haven’t had much time to follow television, and I’m behind quite a bit with House and other shows.

When I heard House was coming to an end, I was a bit saddened, but all great things on television have to end sometime, and perhaps this is the best time. I haven’t noticed due to my absence to the series, but many I’ve spoken with have said the series has really lacked lately, and while I would love to see Greg House continue for longer, Hugh Laurie could easily become an entirely new character that the world could fall in love with all over again.

The show has seen many characters come and go throughout the years, and while not all of the characters will be back for the finale, tvline has revealed who we can expect to see.

You already know who won’t be returning for House’s swan song (R.I.P. Cuddy), so how about we get around to telling you who will?

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Princeton-Plainsboro alumna Olivia Wilde will reprise her role as Thirteen in the show’s May 21 series finale.

House‘s still-untitled final episode will be penned by series creator David Shore and two of the show’s longtime scribes, Peter Blake and Eli Attie.

(via tvline)


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