Everybody thought that the new iPad was going to be named “iPad 3” and some rumor blogs even emphasized that it could be called the “iPad HD” and that there may be a mini-iPad. – Wrong again losers.

But what none of us imagined, was that it would be just called “iPad” again. It’s a very confusing naming decision now, because it’s the same name as the original iPad, with “new” after it. Seems a bit strange, since they’ll likely come out with another iPad in a year or so anyways.

What will that one be called? the new “New iPad?” – The old one will then be demoted to last year’s “new iPad.” I really hope they dont screw this up with the phones as well.

Another thing obviously missing, is an update to the front-facing camera, which is the one everyone uses most often. On top of that, they introduced Siri with the iPhone 4S, said that only that new device could handle it, and then ramped up the power higher than the iPhone and didn’t include it. – What’s the deal?

“The Gentleman’s Rant” above says almost everything I want to say for me… so enjoy!

Read more about the new iPad here

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