Help is on the way! No seriously, Let me take a few moments to update everyone on what exactly we’re going through here.

To start things off, I’ll answer the most asked questions right off the bat. if you find the answer you want, feel free to stop reading, but if you want the whole scoop… please continue on this journey to the end. So.. time to answer questions, in order of frequency and importance:

1) Apple HotTips! is NOT abandoning all of it’s valued and dedicated members who strive for answers for all the the questions in this world to be answered for them fast and effectively. We are NOT abandoning the jailbreak updates and troubles of end-user hackers. We will remain dedicated to you, and will in no way stop helping you with the matters that have been most important to you all this time

2) Yes, we have created a new page (named HotTips) and yes we are currently encouraging all members of Apple HotTips! to move to the other page.

3) No we are not replacing Apple HotTips!, we are simply moving it. This is for the SOLE PURPOSE of getting a “NAME CHANGE” on facebook. We are not changing our content, only expanding it. Doing so, requires a name change, and because Facebook will not allow us to simply drop the “Apple” on the front of our page… a new page was in order.

4) No, we are not “deleting Apple HotTips!” right now, and not for a long time. There is simply no reason to get rid of something so awesome! :D

Now to elaborate on what all of this means for our members (you) in a nut shell… it means:

1) More interaction from admins and members alike.

2) Broader topics that may matter to you.

3) Help on more things than simply your iPod being bricked.

4) A cleaner, more thorough interface for getting what you want in the end… answers to questions that matter to you!

5) More interaction from a website, than from a facebook page.

Facebook pages are great, but they are not nearly as efficient as I would like (and I think you would agree, because you’ll post a questions, we’ll have a busy day, it’ll get pushed lower and lower on the wall, and it’ll either never be seen again, or you’ll have to repost it to get any attention…. not efficient). A website and a “Help Center” in that website will fix everything.

To achieve this, we’re changing the game, in numerous ways. The first way… is getting rid of my experiment of a website, and rebuilding it from the ground up to be better (and when I say better… I mean a TON better). We’re going to have a cleaner look and feel, tabbed browsing with sections split into categories (to better your experience by narrowing your search fields to be more specific to what you’re looking for), a blog where we’ll post anything we want that’s relevant and we want to write about (mainly articles and news), and hopefully we also hope to integrate a FORUM as well (by request). All of these things are easily possible now, and I’ve managed to hook myself up with a great tool and a great host for the website that will help us bring things to the life it has always deserved.

We will need help though, and this change will not be easy or quick… but that’s okay, because “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither will the new HotTips (I know I know… so cliché, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist). I’ll be going on a journey that I’ve never been on yet, and I’m going to take as many of you with me as possible! We’ll have a better website, faster support, more writers (leading to more content) and if possible… a solid foundation that thousands can one day call home for all the support they’ll ever need. I’d give you an “I have a dream speech,” but that would simply cross the line.

Keep in mind, everything for HotTips right now is 100%  donation supported (which with a few exceptions means it’s Charlie supported) so this isn’t going to happen fast. I have a lot of work to do. If ANY of you want to help… you can do a few things for me:

1) Promote the new page… We will be using it.

2) Keep doing whatever it is you do there. Do not treat Apple HotTips! any differently then you always have. It’s still there, and it will still be there for a long time… don’t worry.

3) If you have ANY website experience (whether it’s HTML, PHP, MySQL, Hosting, FTP.. whatever) and would be interested in helping us get set up, please come forward in the “Help Wanted” post on the Discussion Board via the facebook page.

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