NOTE: This is part of a HUGE, ever changing series that explains, in great detail, all about Jailbreaking, from the perspective of the population that do it. This article is one of several sections. To start at the beginning, please visit THIS LINK

It wouldn’t be fair of me to put this whole rundown on jailbreaking here without disclosing both sides of things. While I can honestly tell you as a veteran on the scene things will happen that you won’t expect, for the most part… they are small. In this section, I’ll be telling you about the risks involved in the jailbreak process. We’ll look into the most common issue people have, and the best ways to prevent and/or solve these issues effectively. I’ll try to speak in layman’s terms to the best of my ability, but in some cases that will get difficult. If you are unfamiliar with any of the technical jargon I use and would like further explanation, please let us know on our facebook page, and I’ll correct any confusion that I have caused you. With that introduction out of the way, let’s chat for a bit about risks. We’ll get the big ones out of the way first, and then work into the little ones:

Risk #1: “The Brick”

– “The Brick is the most dreaded risk of all, and it’s why I start with it first. Essentially, “bricking” an iPhone is doing exactly what it sounds like you are doing… you are making your iPhone into a very expensive brick (or paperweight). It is when the device is so screwed up that it refuses to even turn on anymore!

Now that I have your attention, let me give you the good news: THIS IS EXTREMELY RARE, and it almost always caused by things a user did, even though they had no idea what they were doing. They started tinkering with code, opened terminal and typed in commands they didn’t understand, or the most common thing: Deleted things in Cydia or on the root directory of their iPhone that were not meant to be deleted (or even seen before). It sounds complex, I know, but avoiding this problem couldn’t be simpler! “If you don’t know what it is, leave it alone!” That basic and essential rule will save all of the headaches of bricking your iPhone, and will allow you to enjoy and feel safe about the process most often.

Following the guides provided by HotTips! is a simple and safe way to insure you do not have this happen. Our guides are designed to be simple to follow, and directed primarily at those with no experience at all. To be safe, if you are ever confused, or want additional information, just write to us on our facebook page, and we will answer your questions, and guide you through everything step-by-step.

Risk #2: “Crashes”

– “Crashes” refer to when the phone ceases all operations, and restarts the software part of itself without you asking it to. It’s essentially the phone panicing and starting over. This is a common issue with jailbreaking, but is not a huge deal for those that are used to being able to customize all aspects of their iDevice.

The important rule to remember with jailbreaking is that less is more almost 100% of the time. The iPhone is designed to run very smoothly and efficiently with a low-weight operating system. The phones built -in software doesn’t bog down the processor. With the jailbreak, adding a lot of tweaks, themes, MobileSubstrate modifications, custom sounds and icons, and maybe even a video wallpaper, you now have the ability to add a bunch of cool personalization to your device… at the expense of usability. Glitches and unsmooth operation are common in the jailbreak world, but only to those who want to get everything at once. The greediest man in the world, often ends his life penniless.

THIS LIST IS NOT COMPLETE! WE WILL BE ADDING TO IT SHORTLY. As we said before, in the first article… this is a comprehensive and constantly updated list. If you still see this text, and BLUE TEXT on the FIRST ARTICLE… then we aren’t finished with it just yet. Stay tuned!

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