It is something that is mentioned a lot throughout every jailbreak tutorials and other jailbreak-related news. “Make sure you save your SHSH Blobs before you update” is something you hear everywhere (or, read everywhere I guess). This process of saving SHSH Blobs is crucial to everyone who jailbreaks, so it’s important you understand why you should save them, and understand what they are.

An SHSH Blob is basically what Apple uses to verify the version of iOS you are running. That’s why we tell you to save your SHSH Blobs before upgrading your firmware on your iDevice. Otherwise, once Apple stops signing older firmware, you will not be able to restore to an older firmware if you need to. Accidental updates happen all the time, but you can easily undo that update, if you have your SHSH Blobs saved.

Users can do this with a program like TinyUmbrella. Doing so will allow you to trick iTunes, into thinking you are running an older version.

It’s necessary to have a signed copy already saved in order to trick iTunes. The way the system is set up, your SHSH Blob is device specific. It uses the ECID (Exclusive Chip ID) of your individual device, along with a challenge key, as part of the authentication process with Apple.

Because that key is static (doesn’t change), and you’re using the same ECID, it is possible for you to save your own SHSH blob for later use. It can then be used to downgrade your iDevice if you accidentally update your firmware especially if there’s no jailbreak available. There is nothing worse than updating, and losing features!

How Do you know if they are saved?

You’ll see the firmware versions you have them saved for when you open TinyUmbrella and ask it to do it’s thing. Also, if you have your phone jailbroken already, the front page of Cydia will show you as well, in GREEN letters:

I hope this explanation is enough to give you a rough explanation on the importance of saving SHSH Blobs for your iPhone. I’ve heard Apple reps tell customers that it’s “not possible” to downgrade, because software updates permanently changed the device. This is a total lie to their faces. This method proves you can. It’s not that it’s not possible, it’s that Apple says you aren not allowed. Why listen to them though? Why let Apple tell you what you can and can’t do with the phone you paid all that money to own? …. Exactly.


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