Welcome to the New HotTips! Completely redone from the ground up, it’s here now to provide you with a much better online experience with HotTips! material. What’s important to you? What would you like to read about? Is there something you’ve been wanting to do with your computer for the longest time, but simply can’t find the solutions from a simple Google search? Well what are you thinking doing a Google search for awesome tips without first asking us about it!! I’ve gone to a whole new level here to provide what I think will be a much better experience than our previous website, and It’ll continue to get better!

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We’ve been on facebook for almost a year now, formerly known as Apple HotTips!. The “Apple” days were fun, but we’re expanding out topic base to new stuff, and I feel it’s gonna be a great decision in the long run. Sure, there are negatives to it, such as our facebook page being forced to move. I really don’t like that I have to lose and regain all the fans, but I suppose the people that really were with us the entire time will be the active members, and they’ll move quick.

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