NEW YORK (AP) — Verizon Wireless said Monday that it won’t prevent its version of the iPhone 5 from being used on AT&T’s network. The Verizon version of the iPhone 5, which went on sale Friday, came with an unexpected feature: it works on the network of AT&T and many other phone companies [including T-Mobile], as well as on Verizon’s. It’s the first time Verizon, the country’s largest cellphone company, has sold a phone that works on competing U.S. networks with no complicated hacking, or “unlocking,” procedures.

Have a brand new iPhone 5 on Big Red? Well as reported by the Associated Press, you’re get a surprising side feature. That nano sim card slot will accept other networks’ sim cards out of the box. It wasn’t very long ago that unlocking an iPhone meant jailbreaking it, and having a baseband compatible with UltraSn0w. There were also hardware solutions like Gevey Sim. All of those work arounds are seemingly not needed any longer. You can actually buy unlocked iPhone 4/4S’s from Apple right now, with iPhone 5’s coming soon.

It seems the reason behind Verizon sending out iPhone 5’s unlocked is the use of the 700 mhz LTE spectrum. The FCC placed a requirement when Verizon licensed it. That requirement states that any licensee (Verizon) of that block of spectrum, can not configure devices to be locked against use on other networks.

Remember when using an unlocked Verizon iPhone 5 on AT&T you’ll be missing out on LTE. If using one on T-Mobile you’ll be on 2G, unless you are in one of their new 1900mhz “4G” areas. Anyone now have an unlocked iPhone compliments of Verizon?

Source AP via 9to5Mac


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