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Parallelus has made some excellent WordPress themes in their time on the scene. From super utility themes like Mingle that bring lots of functionality to life before Buddypress really took off at all, and "Responsive Design" wasn't really even a thing, to new and exciting themes like this one here: Vellum. It's a super-flexible WordPress theme that has so much amazing potential to create dynamic websites quickly.

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Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in. Today I’m reviewing (or just giving you a tour of) a new WordPress theme named Vellum. It’s a feature-rich premium WordPress theme that is certainly amongst the best we’ve seen here at HotTips, and I’m delighted to share some of the features of it with you today. Let’s get started!

What is Vellum?

Vellum is developed by Parallelus, which a development company that has been around for quite a while. Led by Andy Wilkerson, a long time veteran to the website development stage, the company has released over a dozen high-quality premium themes in the past, each exceeding the design expectations of the design era of which they were built. In the case of Vellum, the theme features rich “retina-ready” design elements including the text, which just pops out at you so well on a mobile phone. Speaking of mobile phones, it has unique responsive characteristics that bring even the best designers to a smile to see it, and includes widely popular desktop-only features like mega menus (by UberMenu), dynamic and highly-flexible slider functions (by Slider Revolution), and a visual editor for page creation on both the backend, and front (by Visual Composer). All of that, and I still haven’t even mentioned bbPress integration yet, which is a very custom look that I myself am currently using for my own dedicated support forums.

What’s great about Vellum?

Vellum is one of those themes that make you believe anything is possible for a website. In terms of “out of the box,” Parallelus’ demo includes a wide variety of uses, including a DOZEN theme “starter kits” that can be installed into your own website with a couple of clicks. Imagine having a website that looked just like any of these demos, without having to do anything yet. Just click a few buttons, wait for an import to complete, and then start replacing things and moving them around to make them yours. That’s what Vellum brings to the table – and it’s one of the primary reasons why my “Ease of Use” score is so high for this theme.

Being easy to use doesn’t just have to be at the start though. We need to know how easy it is to work with elements and the features of a theme once we have them installed. Rather than typing all of this out for you, I find it much more effective to show you instead. Check out our video tour of Vellum below:

What’s “not so great” about Vellum?

I like to keep an open mind when doing theme reviews, and I work hard to make sure I’m sounding as objective as possible when I talk about things here at HotTips. I rarely feel as though any of my reviews have been done out of any sort of bias or “fanboy” attitudes, but there comes a time every once in a while where my own desires for usability and function align so well with a product that I cannot see the flaws that are right in front of me… this is one of those times.It’s unfortunate, because I really wanted to give you flaws to see, and to give improvements that the developer could fix. I just don’t see many.

One “feature request” that might be great to add in though, would be support for BuddyPress. It’s really the only thing I can see right now that it’s lacking. Obviously there are other things it lacks like membership functions, or deep integrations with things like InfusionSoft for businesses, but these are usually things people use plugins for. We aren’t expecting any integration from themes here. With BuddyPress though, it’s different, and for the price of this theme… I feel like that’s the one missing component that I can complain about at all. bbPress is great for forums, but for this type of diversity… lets bring it all the way in the future. Most of Parallelus’ other themes are BuddyPress-ready, so I know he’s capable of it.

For more information on Vellum, and to try out all of the demos for this diverse theme yourself, visit the Vellum product page here. I hope this review has been thorough enough for you. Thanks for watching, and feel encouraged to leave your own feedback on this theme in the comments below! :)

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