Passwords are getting to be an outdated way of keeping our possessions safe. While it’s debatable as to whether the fingerprint ID method is any more secure, there’s something satisfying about knowing that there isn’t any digits to remember, or any worries of forgetting what your various passwords are. As long as you didn’t leave your fingers at home (I know, it happens all the time), you’re good to access whatever you need with your Touch ID. But Touch ID only works on your iPhone, and there are other bits of data stored on other devices that we’d like to keep safe. Devices, like our laptops. Today, an awesome developer has got a solution that will allow you to unlock your Mac with your iPhone Touch ID, as long as you’re jailbroken.

Developed by Eric Castro, the tweak is called “BioUnlock” and it’s available in Cydia right now for those with jailbroken iPhones. Of course, you’ll need an iPhone 5s to utilize the Touch ID aspect of this tweak, but as you can see in the video above… it’s a pretty nifty feature to have. I’m not sure of the practicality of it though, especially for those of you who lose your phone frequently, or haven’t embraced the art of repetition and routine to keep your possessions in easy to recall locations.

Because Touch ID allows you to store multiple fingers, this tweak is customizable  in its functionality, allowing you to designate which finger unlocks your Mac, and which fingers are used for unlocking your iPhone. In this way, simply using a different finger allows to a completely different device to be unlocked. Obviously, both devices will need to be connected to the a network of some kind, as there is an application that must be installed on your Mac to run in the background in order to pair it with Cydia.

Castro plans to release this tweak at the end of January, although he admits there are still plenty of bugs to work out in the mean time. While initially the tweak will only work with Mac computers, Castro mentions that Windows compatibility will come later, so everyone will have a use for this soon. As of this post, there has been no talk about pricing for this tweak, so it could be free, or it could cost you a little bit. When there is information on this, we’ll let ya know.

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