There are a lot of Twitter apps out there on the App Store, including a free app from Twitter themselves, appropriately named “Twitter.” EVen though there are free options available though, many people have chosen Tweetbot as their Tweeter of choice. Don’t worry, they’ve got good reasons.

Tweetbot by Tapbots is by far the best, and most polished iPhone Twitter application, enabling great features with intuitive design, visual effects, and great original sounds and clicks. I use it as my main Twitter client myself, and if you haven’t given it a look yet, there is a download link below to read up on it if you like.

Version 2.0 has just launched today, bringing even better stuff to what was already the best. It adds new views, readability features, image thumbnails, and a whole lot more good stuff. It’s taken nearly six months for the developers to get this new version out, and with it, comes awesome updates, including iPad support!

  • Updated timeline view
    • Image thumbnails in timeline
    • Links now colored and single-tappable
    • “Retweeted by” bar now integrated and tappable
    • Cell colors adjusted for better contrast
  • New direct message view.
  • Redesigned “New Tweets” bar (Can be dismissed by tap and configured in Settings > Display)
  • Timed auto-refresh (timeline, mentions, and DM’s will refresh every 5 minutes)
  • Readability added as mobilizer service
  • Much improved tweet replies view
  • Links in user’s bio now tappable
  • “Huge” font size option in Settings > Display
  • Improved scrolling performance

The timeline in Tweetbot gets automatic refresh now, as does direct messaging. It pulls in new stuff every 5 minutes when the app is open and active. (you aren’t going to get it instant… it’ll drain a lot of battery, waste your data, and overall… you won’t need it). Hyperlinks are also now active by default, shown in light blue. Before, a user would have to tap the tweet, and then tap the link. Simply tapping the link is possible now, so no worries there.

And once you’ve tapped that link, social sharing features are present, as well as an all new “Readability” option that essentially does what “Reader” does in mobile Safari. You’ll be able to get around the “full web” pages online that don’t have mobile layouts, and gain properly formated text and images for your iPhone automatically with a tap. The application also feels a bit snappier, and quite smooth.

Aside from that, images are showing up in the stream now as well. They aren’t full size of course, but they are somewhat viewable to the point where you can tell what’s in the photo thumbnail before you actually tap it. It’s a very slick addition that I’m very pleased with.

Click for larger view...

The browser view, which opens up when selecting a link also got an overhaul with a new Readability option being integrated as well as social sharing options such as Facebook and Twitter. Although I can’t quite figure out why a Twitter sharing option would be needed which requires permission to be granted to share a link which has been opened through a Twitter client. A simple toggle has been integrated into the new browser which also formats any web page into a more readable text format, very similar to the ‘Reader’ feature in Mobile Safari.

Final words: Get it. Try it, and you’ll love it over the normal Twitter client. The app is $2.99 on the App Store, and having used it exclusively for over 5 months now, I can honestly say it’s money worth spent.


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