Don’t you just hate it when you get a phone call in the middle of something important, take the time to pull it out of your pocket (or purse, ladies), and hold it up to see who it is only to see “BLOCKED” on the caller ID? I know, it’s frustrating, because you don’t want to answer it, you know they won’t leave a message, but you really wanna call them back and see who the hell they think they are!


Fret no more people. Today’s technology seems to shine light on most dark moments of our lives, and this is no exception. There is an app for that, and that is TrapCall, the app on the App Store that will help you SHOW those blocked and restricted calls. It will also, depending on your subscription choice, do a whole lot more! The service really does have a vast array of possibilities to unmask callers… but is it worth it to you? That’s the question to answer.

[learn_more caption=”Learn More About How TrapCall Works Here!”] Cell phone users can easily hide their phone number by simply putting *67 at the beginning of the number they wanted to ring. TrapCall is smarter than that though, because it takes advantage of 800-numbers, which always display a caller’s identity because they pay to receive the call.

TrapCall’s basic service instructs users to set up their mobile phones to redirect rejected, unanswered and missed calls to one of the service’s toll-free numbers. The 800-number will then reveal the caller’s identity and route back the call to your phone. So if you get a blocked number call, you would just press the same key that would normally to send the call to voicemail and TrapCall will transfer the call back to you with the caller’s identity. This process is set to take about six seconds, time in which the “anonymous” caller hears a standard ringing tone.

The Basic Service used to be free to use when it was released in late 2008. However, this service is no longer free. The lowest package costs $4.99/month.

Besides the free caller ID unmasking and blacklisting, TrapCall offers higher paid services as well. For an extra fee, you can also get a caller’s name and address at times, reject incoming calls (which can be done for free as well, by just sending the incoming call from TrapCall to voicemail) or missed call alerts (even if your phone is switched off and the caller doesn’t leave a message).[/learn_more]


To get started with the app, You’ll simply download it from the App Store. (CLICK HERE TO GET IT)

Then, open and begin to create your account. The process is very easy, and takes only a few minutes of your time.


Once you have the account information in place, you’ll need to select a package that’s right for you. Personally I barely ever get prank calls, or blocked calls, so I doubt I would need the highest package possible. Your needs may very, if you find yourself getting bothered by this nonsense far worse than I.

Have you ever tried this service? Do you think it’s worth paying for this type of service? Let us know below, or on Facebook.

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