Square Enix have just released a full gameplay trailer for Tomb Raider: Crossroads, setting us down 17 years after we first saw Lara Croft, the famous heroine in cargo shorts. The E3 trailer above features amazing gameplay footage that is sure to excite fans of the series once again, as well as bring in new gamers to the story.

Square Enix has definitely taken some cues from the successes of the Uncharted series, as you’ll see above is very similar to this game. The way the story progresses in its genius narrative style runs somewhat similar to Drake’s journey into the incredible situations he gets into with the Uncharted series.

Lara Croft appears be to a lot less “Angelina Jolie” like in this title, which I welcome with open arms. I never liked the woman looking like that in the game. Something about it just bugged me, and made me say “oh come on guys… a little maturity in the design room please?” Not saying woman with huge chests can’t scale cliffs, run away unscathed from situations promising certain death, and shoot heavy weapons with acrobatic style…. but it’s quite unlikely. Anyways, enough about the woman’s physique, let’s talk about what looks great about the trailer!

It starts with Lara Croft, the protagonist which gamers will control once again, escaping from a cave before heading out into the jungle in an attempt to survive. The story and gameplay is going to operate similar to previous Tomb Raiders, with plenty of fighting, gathering lots of treasures, and friends betraying you all the time. Interestingly enough, Lara has lost her British accent, and she’s no longer this all-confident bundle of bravery either. Adventurous Lara appears to have been left above ground in this edition of Tomb Raider, and quite frankly I’m happy to see that. It brings a more personal presence  to the character, and gamers will be able to relate and react more positively to the hardships she endures.

Also, she apparently hates Tombs now. I don’t blame her, but I’m a bit surprised at how dramatic the change is from old Tomb Raiders. Luckily there is a logical explanation for all of this, sing Square Enix is actually attempting to create the beginning of it all. On their website, Square Enix says Tomb Raider delivers “intense and gritty story into the origins of Lara Croft and her ascent from a frightened young woman to a hardened survivor.” – Ah, now it’s all making sense. The drastic character change is to tell her story as a prequel to the other games, thus showing us how she came to be the way she is now (or.. then. Well, you get it).

If you’re as excited to play the game as much as most fans of the series, March 5, 2013 should be marked on your calendars. There’s still quite a way to go before it’s release, but that doesn’t mean the buzz is any less noisy.

Are you excited to see Tomb Raider? Is this a series you’ll look forward to revisiting next year? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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