I get asked lots of questions when it comes to tech. No matter what, without fail, the most frequently asked question is “How can I save my battery?” Well, I think it’s a great time to go through some pointers of getting more out of your battery. This article is going to focus on the iPhone, but a lot of these tips are universal.

This first tip may seem blatantly obvious, but buy some chargers. Our phones have become palm sized computers, and there is little we can find that they can not accomplish now. As far as our phones have come, battery technology is not moving at the same pace (yet anyways) Most of us aren’t stranded from wall or car outlets, so use them. Apple’s 30-pin dock connectors are literally everywhere. Another option in this same category are extended battery cases. (For other smart phones extra batteries or extended ones will do as well).

The next tip is headphones. The iPhone is a really great music player, between the built in iPod app and countless others. Apple even gave us a big hole in the top to stick our headphones into, yet I hear people all the time using the mono speaker on the bottom. If you want to hear your music out loud there are plenty of stereo solutions that will also charge your battery. (back to tip one)


Third tip is screen brightness. Cut and dry, turn it down. Especially indoors, where your screen is not fighting the bright sunlight.

The fourth tip is managing your connections. If you are not in range of wifi, turn your wifi off. If you don’t need bluetooth, turn it off. If you are really looking to save some life in this category, cut off your cellular data. With cell data off, only phone calls and texts will go through. For iPhones prior to the iPhone 4S, turning off your 3G connection is also an option.

Fifth tip is location services. Determining your location via GPS can be a very battery intensive task. You have two options here: turn off location services entirely, or turning location off by app. The more apps you deny access to your location, the better. Keep in mind some apps will not work properly without it .

The sixth tip is to set your email retrieval to manual. This mean you will only get email when you look for it. Be careful with this one if timely email is important to you.¬†Still need some more juice? I’ve got a couple more settings you can tweak to try and save a percent or two off your daily battery consumption.

Siri has a lovely little feature called “Raise to Speak”. It flashes a second proximity sensor whenever the screen is on. You can see this second proximity sensor working overtime here. If you do not use this feature, it can be disabled.

The next item that is usually not used is located under the menu item “Restrictions”. You will need to create a four digit passcode to get into it. Once inside the menu you will want to disable Ping. Ping, if you didn’t know, is Apple’s music based social network. Know anyone on Ping? Me neither.

iCloud can be great, but if you aren’t using it then turn it off.

I’ve had some people tell me they have had some luck with turning off iMessage. I find iMessage too useful to turn off.

Lastly, Apple has included two widgets in Notification Center. One is for weather, and the other is for stocks. If you find one, or neither, of these useless you can turn them off.

Hopefully now you can get the battery life you want out of your device. Your last resort is either airplane mode, or turning your device off if you absolutely need too. Hopefully rule number one saves you from this fate though. Until next time, keep enjoying your devices to the fullest.

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