It’s no secret that internet service providers in America rip you off. Every single day, each person who pays for internet in this country pay hundreds of dollars more for service that is far slower, and far less reliable than the rest of the world. The comparison’s made in this video are quite accurate, and while I would never expect a cable company to actually say this to potential customers… it’s still true.

In America, the average person with high-speed internet pays roughly $3.33 per mbps (megabit per second). This may not seem like a whole lot to most people, but when we trounce around saying we’re the best country in the world, and then have a system that is nearly 200X more expensive than a country like South Korea (that’s not even the worst comparison), it really speaks volumes about the message and image people have about our “technological advances.”

What we gain in technology advances we lack in the ability to manage it effectively. You might be sitting in your dorm playing StarCraft on your awesome 10mbps internet you pay $35 per month for, and wonder why the Korean player on the other end of the game is kicking your ass… Or maybe it’s something like Battlefield 3, and you find yourself getting shot between the eyes before you even knew an enemy was in front of you. This isn’t solely based on skill people… They have a technological advantage.

 Because while you are paying a monopolistic company that doesn’t give two-shits about you $35 per month for your 10mbps, the dude in Japan that just kicked your ass dishes out almost $17 per month for speeds over SIX-TIMES what you are getting. America pays $3.33USD per mbps. Japan… pays just $0.27.

Yeah, because being “more advanced” matters a lot when people can’t even grasp it.

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