Among many of the enhancements Facebook has made in the past, much of the hype has either been from their poor-performing IPO on the NASDAQ, or from their many enhancements on the desktop version of their site. Aside from adapting to conform as much as possible to their ever-changing desktop site, Facebook hasn’t really done anything big with their mobile visitors yet. At least, until they purchased Instagram!

We now know exactly why Facebook purchased Instagram. They’ve just released their very own photo-sharing application for mobile, making it super easy to share photos directly to Facebook.

The release comes shortly after the company spent an astonishing $1 Billion on the purchase of popular photo-sharing app for mobile, Instagram, which many internet peeps have found to be the best way to quickly share photos online with an artistic style (or vintage, if you prefer).

This app features filters just like you’re used to with Instagram, and it allows for batch uploads, enabling you to unleash entire albums onto the social network with one simple process. Some may think from seeing this move that there may be a foggy future for Instagram. Now that Facebook owns it, and they’re releasing features from it on it’s own popular platform, what use is Instagram?

Facebook’s new app is available right now on the App Store. If you like the video above, and it looks like something you’re interested in, you should check it out today. – No word yet on how long it will take for the app to come to Android, but I’m sure it’ll eventually happen.

One thing to note from this though, is that this creates an interesting outlook for the future of the iPhone’s OS. It’s been thought that eventually Apple would incorporate Facebook into the OS natively, just as they have done for Twitter. I would have thought however, that Facebook would need to work with Apple to make this possible, and if Facebook is taking the jump to release their own app for this, how likely is it that Apple is working with them to seamlessly integrate their platform? Not likely I don’t believe. Only time will tell though.

In all honesty, I would have preferred they just put all of these features into their base application, allowing everyone to do everything from one app. They’ve released a dedicated messages app for chat, a brand new app for managing pages, and now this photos app. Can’t we just get by without having half of our home screen dedicated to stuff for Facebook?

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(via Facebook)


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