There are tons of accessories out for tablets, especially the popular Apple iPad. Among all the accessories you decide to invest in, nothing will likely be as useful as the Crazy Cradle. It’s versatility all but dwarfs it’s impressive $25 price tag, while simultaneously adding an overwhelming number of useful functions.

Check out the video above, and read below for some additional info. The crazy cradle is a simplistically elegant form of what true innovation is all about.

The… case… stand… holder… whatever you call it (all of those things) has four soft arms and four soft legs with a centralized stand. The legs allow you virtually unlimited freedom, as you can wrap them or position them in just about any configuration you can think of. At the same time, the arms can grip a wide variety of devices, and it’s not just limited to the iPad.

Another added gem of the Crazy Cradle are the vinyl tips the designers have chosen to put on the tip of each arm, eliminating the worry of slipping around on smooth surfaces.

The neck of the cradle will give the user the freedom and flexibility to view their device at any angle, at any time. This opens the possibility to use your tablet for almost any purpose, such as on a shopping cart with your list, or on a golf cart to keep score or watch your favorite team while out on the links. Parents will easily be able to entertain their children with ease as they position the iPad for a quick monitor for the car. You can likely think of plenty of other uses I’m sure.

Big props to Kickstarter to hosting great independent ideas, and allowing them to come to life! You can check out this awesome little project, and help fund it by visiting the Kickstarter page using THIS LINK HERE.

Important note: It’s only a $25 pledge to pre-order one of these things, which could easily go for twice that much once they hit stores! Grab one while they are still available!


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