HTC makes great phones, there’s no denying that. They’ve had a lot of popular devices over the years that have really captured people, whether they’re running Android or Windows Mobile (although we all pretty much know that HTC HD2 owners love replacing Windows with Android anyways).

In the video above, HTC takes you through a process they call Mico Arc Oxidation, a really cool and innovative way of treating their hardware. This effort will increases durability in their new HTC One S device.

Micro Arc Oxidation, despite HTC presenting it as something innovative from them, is a Russian technology, also going by the name of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO).

What’s revolutionary about the process, is it’s method of producing hard and corrosion resistant coatings on all sorts of metals, including Al, Mg, Ti, and more. It’s very effective for protective and decorative coatings on aluminium profiles and other constructive elements, what is important for vehicles and other forms of construction, such as boats, aircrafts, siding for buildings, roofs, and even window frames. The method works well, possessing high output, and a wide range of possibilities. It’s also quite environmentally safe, using the effect of forming micro-arc plasma discharges on the surface of the unit.

HTC, for examples, zaps it with over 10,000 volts of energy, “almost like lighting striking the phone.” HTC’s One S (yes, they’ve added an “S” to the end as well), will surely be very strong, and durable. This technology has been used for satellites by NASA, and was also developed for race cars.

The HTC One S isn’t out on the market yet, and you’d have to wonder: With this sort of technology going into the body of the device, what will it cost consumers?

Description of the HTC One S (from HTC)

Amazing Camera. Authentic Sound. 

Beauty and brains — As stylish and hard-working as you
Capture stunning photos with a stunning phone. This true digital camera gives you realistic colors and dependable performance with features such as auto smile detection and face focus.

Head-turning elegance
A beautiful design encases all the features you expect from an HTC phone.

Every photo. Every time.
This is a true digital camera. It’s ready for instant action in any setting and HTC technology delivers brilliantly detailed photos. Count on rich, accurate colors, auto smile detection and face focus.  You can even snap a picture while shooting HD video.

Listen. Watch. Browse. Work. Share.
Multi-tasker, this phone is for you. Search the web, shop online…at the same time you’re watching movies or listening to music. And with Universal Beats Audio, entertainment sounds rich and authentic.


Sound interesting to you? You can sign up for updates on this device from HTC’s website.


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