Children love playing with LEGO blocks, and building all sorts of creations that spur their creativity and allows their imagination to run wild. It was great being a kid, but when it comes right down to it, shouldn’t your creations actually do something? One 18-year old decided that his new space shuttle was going someplace.

Raul Oaida, from Romania, attached a LEGO shuttle, a video camera and a GPS tracker, to a huge helium balloon and sent them into space. This is similar to the guys that launched a weather balloon into space and recorded the trip, and Oaida says his flight time was just about three hours (very similar to the other guys) and the shuttle reached an altitude of 115,000 feet before heading back to Earth.

Apparently, he’d already designed an actual jet engine before this, so the only real problems he had during this space voyage was getting flight clearance.

First we learn that birds can battle pigs in space, and now this. Awesome day for outworld news if I do say so myself.

(via SciFry)


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