There may not be “an app for that” but it’s pretty darn close. iPhone cases are among the most popular accessory, aside from headphones, that go hand in hand with iPhones today. This is especially true with the iPhone 4, which had it’s share of antenna-gate issues that I experienced first hand. I even put it next to some speakers to prove it. Cases protect our phones well, and take care of that antenna issue as well.

Up until now, however, that’s really all they did. That is, until this awesome case came along! This one turns your iPhone into a bottle opener, with it’s clever attachment on the case. The Opena iPhone Case has a built in, pop-out bottle opener included, making your iPhone just as much a part of the party as a way to step away from it. The case is built out of protective polycarbonate and ABS plastic, so the case actually does protect your phone quite well, aside from it’s primary marketing advantage. They haven’t forgot that cases are supposed to protect, so you can be sure it does that job well.

This Opena project was created by two Australian men out of Melbourne that was able to make this case a reality from money raised from none other than, which is a site for potential inventors and projects of all sorts to help raise money to built and create them.

It also opens bottles for you. So, the next time some cocky sarcastic dude comes up to you and teases you about your iPhone, and asks you “why don’t you use your iPhone to open that bottle for you?” – You can reply “You’re right! That’s a great idea!” and watch his jaw drop!

It is a little expensive though, simply because it’s funded on those donations. The case is available for a rather overpriced $40 from their website HERE:

Here’s a preview:


(via Openacase)

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