The iPhone has an incredible camera, even when compared to dedicated digital cameras. Many people have chosen to completely ditch their normal travel cameras because of the impressive optical quality the iPhone provides to them. The convenience is amazing, because people almost always have their phones on them today.

The iPhone has seen a few decent camera-related accessories created for it over the years. From camera lens adapters to tripod heads designed to hold the newly designed devices. This latest accessory, in all it’s awesome-ness, will get photography nuts extremely excited all over again, as it adds a level of function they want, at a decent price they may be willing to pay. The newest accessory is a case and lens adapter which will allow your iPhone to use SLR lenses. Yes, it’s finally here.

The new camera attachment, named Phocus, features a large case that enhances the iPhone photography experience by allowing you to attach your lens to the phone. I won’t say this eliminates the need for a proper camera body, because there are clear reasons why that is still the best solution for getting the shot you’re after, but this could allow an incredible level or portability and convenience.

Phocus includes an accessory with wide-angle, macro and telephoto lenses, and also includes a brass tripod mount with accessory shoe. The iPhone simply slides into the case, becoming a compact camera. You can purchase the kit with multiple options. You can get it with two lenses included for $100, and three lenses for $135. If you’ve already got your own equipment, Canon adapters are $220 and Nikon will run $245. The price for such an adapter is quite high, in my opinion, but there may be some people who may find it worth the money if they’ve got a good set of glass to attach. Some people may also consider it worth it when they compare this cost in comparison to the far more expensive selection of camera bodies available today.

Of course, this experience could be even more enhanced by the next-generation iPhone right around the corner. If this adapter isn’t able to support the new device (which hasn’t been announced yet), I’d say it’s not quite worth buying quite yet.

You can find out more about this accessory from its creator,

(via CultOfMac)


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