Assassin’s Creed was a huge hit at E3, showing a gameplay experience unlike any of the previous versions of the franchise. Ubisoft debuted the game on stage, and showed off amazing footage which made me immediately put in a pre-order for the title.

But apparently, they’re not done.

TouchGen reports that they’ve met with Ubisoft and GREE yesterday, revealing a partnership that will bring a new Assassin’s Creed title to the iOS platform. Although they didn’t reveal many details about the game, but they were able to get a name for the title: Assassin’s Creed Utopia.

The game reportedly will take place in the sixteenth century, which is before Assassin’s Creed III (which takes place in the late seventeen-hundreds). Apparently along a similar path, this game showcases colonial times in the United States, when people were new to the land, and civilization was just beginning to develop (aside from Native Americans, of course). You’ll still be looking through the animus, as the game still actively involves Abstergo Industries.

What makes the Assassin’s Creed franchise so awesome has always been the story, and the ability to freely roam richly rendered surroundings. Ubisoft’s attention to detail with cities is matched only perhaps by Polyphony Digital in creating the Grand Tourismo series. The difference though is that Ubisoft can’t just visit the tracks and gather thousands of photos to base their art off of.

The game is being developed internally under close watch of the Assassin’s Creed brand team, so it’ll surely match up with previous titles, and appeal to everybody like me who love the series.

Using the GREE platform will allow the game to connect to potentially 230 million users on the GREE network, and will harness the core APIs from the acquisition of OpenFeint for social/multiplayer features in the game. I think I would have rather seen GameCenter, but whatever. I’m excited for it anyways.

When more details come out, we’ll get more out to you!

(via TouchGen) (Image Credit Pocketgamer)


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