Once again proving that AT&T is the superior carrier to be on, Verizon has officially announced that their versions of the iPhone 5 (LTE compatible) will not be able to talk and surf the web simultaneously. This also means that the Sprint iPhone can’t do it either.

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, they also stated that there will be multiple versions of the device for different types of carrier signals in the United States. A GSM version for AT&T, and a CDMA version for Verizon and Sprint. Now all of the devices are LTE compatible, and all devices will work on the LTE networks of the carriers they come on, but the CDMA models (because they’re CDMA) aren’t going to be able to talk and surf the web at the same time…. again.

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The version going to Verizon and Sprint are exactly the same (just locked to a different carrier). This means identical device capabilities. In my opinion, that makes AT&T still the best network in the United States to have an iPhone.

To be clear, this is not entirely Verizon’s doing. While it is their CDMA network that is restricting the features, the iPhone being built this way is also at fault. Verizon offers many LTE capable devices, all of which support this function. Apple’s device is just made in such a way that Verizon and Sprint customers won’t be able to do it. Shame on Apple. Shame on CDMA… Kudos to you AT&T.

Still going to get the iPhone 5 on Verizon or Sprint, or does this change stuff for you? Let us know in the comments below.

[via The Verge]


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