Yet another great Kickstarter idea today. Will they ever stop? I certainly hope not. Today I bring you the Spike, a keyboard that attaches to your iPhone. The goal with the Spike is to make the iPhone as easy to type on as it is to touch, replacing the virtual keyboard with a peripheral that feels much more natural and is definitely more accurate. The designers strove to “create a suite of products that complemented the iPhone’s impeccable quality and [elegance]” while at the same time making text easier, faster, and more accurate.

How exactly did they try to do that? The key, they say, lies in their keyboard layout. Individually sculpted keys and “snap-touch keys” allow you to quickly search for keys by feeling for them, something you couldn’t get with just a glass screen. Most importantly, the keyboard is designed to not require any Bluetooth or any external power, unlike anything else available. The keyboards, dubbed “TypeSmart”, are integrated into an iPhone case for ease of use, so all you need to do is snap it on to begin typing.

The TypeSmart keyboard’s unique design.

You have a few options to choose from, the Spike¹ and Spike², Both utilize the TypeSmart keyboards, but they differ in convenience options (and price). The Spike¹ features a hinged keyboard, so that it can easily swivel out of the way to access the full iPhone screen. Spike² is the same, but instead of just a hinged keyboard that folds to the back, it features a “unique and specially-designed asymmetrical 360 degree hinge.” The special hinge allows you to more quickly toggle the keyboard off and on the screen, and allows you to fold the keyboard in a pocket in the back for long-term storage. Don’t worry about it being uncomfortable; the iPhone case stays completely flush, so you’ll never know the difference. There’s also a limited edition Spike³, that has all the same features of the Spike², but comes with a case including improved durability, and two color options. They’ll even custom engrave up to 30 characters on the back of the case, making for a great gift.


The Spike¹, the cheaper option, looks this slick.

If you want to get any of these, now is the time to do so. The Spike¹ can be yours for a pledge of just $20! That’s less than most iPhone cases by themselves! The Spike² would cost a pledge of $40, and the Spike³ costs a whopping $150, but is in very limited supply. I don’t know about you, but I think these cases are slick. What are you waiting for?


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