When the Xbox 360 released in November of 2005, it came with a rumor that Microsoft will be on a 10 year cycle for video game consoles, meaning that we should not see the release of the 360’s successor until 2015. With the revelation of Nintendo’s Wii U console at both last year’s E3, and this past week, many believed that Microsoft would at least have some information about their upcoming console, so they do not get buried under the hype of the Wii U. Did the Wii U make enough of an impression on the general public to force Microsoft into unveiling its next console early? Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios (the team responsible for the development of the 360) recently stated in a report from Neoseeker, that the future is always tomorrow, and that Microsoft will be there the whole time:

“It’s a platform that has really reached scale; this is the time when you really see the great content showing up. The future in a lot of ways is always tomorrow: [things like] the SmartGlass technology and Windows 8 [show that] things are going to constantly evolve.

“The world where everything gets centered around one console and when that comes out–we kind of have to evolve away from just thinking about that, [especially] with the service-based nature of games today. Right now the Xbox 360 is really healthy and it’s doing incredibly well. I think the 360 has a lot more than two years [left]. It has legs for a long time.”

The way I look at it, Microsoft is under no pressure to unveil a new console. They have had the number one selling console for 16 straight months, and the 360 is now the most popular console worldwide. When the Kinect was released it was an instant hit and drastically improved the the XBOX 360’s life cycle. We can add to that the addition of the recently announced “Smart Glass” games such as Halo 4, and with the possibly endless multimedia partnerships, it is easy to see why the 360 is the world leader.

What do you think? Is it time for Microsoft to bring us something new? Do you still enjoy your 360, or does it leave you wanting something a bit… more? Let us know your thoughts of the future of XBOX gaming in the comments section below the break. You can catch up on all E3 and gaming related coverage from HotTips! using the banner image under the menu bar above, or LIKE US on Facebook to stay up to date with everything we share and stuff. Enjoy!


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