Some really gut-wrenching evidence has surfaced in the whole SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) deal, and it really does make hypocrites (and possibly criminals) out of the leading companies who support the SOPA movement.

JeepersMedia (via YouTube) has brought out some really cool points that should be shared around the world. CBS, Time Warner, AOL, and even Disney, have all helped aid in the transmission of copyrighted materials for what seems like the sole purpose of profiting from it with lawsuits. If this is indeed true, it would make them WAY WORSE than Apple’s lawsuit trigger-happiness.

In the video below, Mike Mozart explains some pretty shocking information about who really made file sharing software a hit. Whether or not you think the distribution of the software in the first place (including CNET being the exclusive distributor) makes them liable or not, the Supreme Court has already ruled in the past that it does. If you aren’t familiar with SOPA, please visit THIS LINK and find out a little more. You can also CLICK HERE to view the Wikipedia entry for it.

I would encourage you to share this around the web, so that people are aware. If you don’t feel like spreading this website link for whatever reason, I suppose that’s fine. At least share the video. It’s the real good part of the message anyways.

Take care, and remember… write to Congress and tell them what the people want.



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