Exactly one year ago, MegaUpload.com was destroyed by the United State Government in a raid that was not only completely uncalled for, but it was far beyond anything anyone had ever seen before. FBI and other well-armed officials came by ground and by air, dropping down onto Kim Dotcom’s property, busting down his doors wielding automatic weapons, and ceased all of his assets. It wasn’t because of any violent crime, nor was it for something that harmed anyone directly.

…It was because he owned a website that allowed users to share files with each other. A website that had already previously been shut down before the raid. The drives were already under governmental control. The entertainment industry had exercised their right to screw up his life, beyond their jurisdiction.

Today, Kim Dotcom (having ¬†been a free man still), has opened up a brand new version of his web service, completely away from the United States (thankfully). It’s “MEGA“, and it’s very badass.


Although the site just launched and is getting brutality hammered now, the site boasts an impressive speed increase, and in my opinion, “amazing” prices for their pro membership plans. In fact, you can have 4TB of hard drive space, all to yourself in the cloud, for just $30/month. Your move Dropbox. Google Drive, a service that many rightfully claim as far superior to Dropbox, is still far more expensive than this too. Of course, there is a free-membership option which, just like the previous MegaUpload, allows for uploading and downloading to take places as well. You’ll just have limits on capacity and speed.

I look forward to Kim Dotcom’s success on his new site, which has generated an astonishing amount of traffic since going live today. Look at the states for just the first 10 minutes alone.

Your move lobbyists.


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