That didn’t take long at all did it?

It’s only been a few hours, and already the brand new iPad that was just released today has had Cydia successfully installed onto it, as displayed by Musclenerd’s photo above. Musclenerd claims this is displayed as a new iPad jailbroken, but that users shouldn’t get too excited, and that there is a lot of work yet to be done.

Please don’t ask us when it’s coming. There isn’t any date or time on an arrival, and there isn’t going to be until the Dev Team has it ready for the end users.

On the Dev Team Blog, the new post says it all:

“it’s impossible to predict how or when these things turn out”

The devs have made great progress on a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 with the previous version of the iPad, and notes the following on their blog:

We can confirm that the method used to jailbreak the iPad2 4 months ago (before corona) still works even in 5.1. That means we’ll at least be able to get our foot in the door to get the required kernel dumps on the iPad3. That’s an important step, but by no means is it the end of the story.

Those of you following @i0n1c may have noticed he’s already tweeted pictures of his iPad2 jailbroken at 5.1. As far as we know, he’s using a method completely unrelated to the one mentioned above. That would be great news!

We’ve also seen bits and pieces of an entirely different jailbreak method being investigated by someone close to the Cydia repo scene.

Don’t update your new iPad3 past whatever iOS it comes shipped with

By the way, it’s rare but entirely possible that some of you may find your iPad3 comes with an iOS version that’s not quite 5.1. If you do, be sure to let us know

We’ll be sure to post and update when we know more. Stay tuned!


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