It was just a few days ago that I told you about the Ouya, a system that’s getting popular for many of the right reasons. But if their goal is to bring mobile and tablet gaming back to the TV, they’ve got some competition.

Enter the GameDock, a device that has a much simpler concept than the Ouya. Rather than creating an entirely new system that needs new games to be developed, the GameDock turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a game cartridge. Just plug them into the GameDock, which then plugs into the TV, and play your favorite iCade apps on an HD TV.

How the GameDock will look when plugged into your TV.

Like I said, simple right? But there are a few drawbacks. One is that, currently, you’re limited to existing iCade apps that use two buttons, but others are on the way. Another is that, currently, only the USB controllers that come with the GameDock (Retrolink controllers, fashioned into the classic NES model) are guaranteed to be compatible with the device, but they’re testing to make sure that others are as well

There are a lot of pluses to the GameDock. For one, two-player iCade games feel much more convenient and natural with a controller in your hand, and a TV in front of you rather than sharing a comparatively smaller screen. Also, the makers of the GameDock have created a dashboard for the device, so you cans witch games from the comfort of your couch, without having to go to the iOS device itself. And if you don’t have a TV, for whatever reason, you can still play using your iOS device of choice, with controllers instead of a touchscreen.

Below is a video of split-screen gaming using the GameDock.


The GameDock is on Kickstarter, with a small (when compared to the Ouya) goal of $50,000, which is almost met with 25 days left in the fundraiser. To purchase it will cost you, with a pledge of $125 necessary for a GameDock and two controllers.

It’s really up to you which you prefer, a more expensive option that utilizes games that already exist, or a cheaper option that might not have quality games for a long time, if at all. Which would you prefer? Is the GameDock too expensive? Or is the Ouya too risky?


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