After months of deliberation and literally thousands of documents and evidence being presented in this high-stakes patent case between Apple Inc, and Samsung Mobile, the results of the court case are in! Did Samsung copy Apple?


The results were overwhelmingly in Apple’s favor, the fruit company having been awarded for almost all of its claims. There were a few devices which were able to somehow avoid an infringement in some areas of the lawsuit (some small parts of the many patents in the group being presented), but overall every Samsung device has something breaking patent law.

The results of this case is clearly going to have a lot of praise and scrutiny either way. Many believe the war between these two over patent and copyright is ridiculous and stupid, while others understand exactly why the system is set up the way it is, and believe that the proper cause of action was performed. If a company, in good faith, believes that another has infringed on their patents, and has used their creations without prior consent to profit off of what is legally theirs, then they have every right to sue, and claim damages. It keeps innovation flourishing, offering inventors the security of knowing that their work is protected for their own uses, and not their competition. Without these legal safeguards, the motivation to innovate and come up with new products would be devastatingly low.

Apple had asked the jury to award it $2.5 billion in damages for what it said was Samsung’s violation of a handful of patents related to the physical design and software functions of the iPhone and iPad. In a countersuit, Samsung demanded that Apple pay it $422 million for its own patent violations.

The evidence Apple presented during the trial, including internal Samsung memos and strategy documents, left very little doubt that the iPhone inspired a major effort by the Korean manufacturer to overhaul its devices,

At the conclusion of the case, which came to a verdict much faster than people anticipated, the legal teams discussed the need to look over the verdict prior to it being read aloud. It was important that the two sides got the opportunity (10-15 minutes) to look everything over and to be sure that there were no problems or inconsistencies (such as awarding damages for invalid patents). Judge Koh assured everyone that a fair assessment would be given in the case, and that any big problems would result in the jury being sent back in to further deliberations on the matter. She was all business reviewing the documents prior to the results being read.

The evidence Apple presented during the trial, including internal Samsung memos and strategy documents, left little doubt that the iPhone inspired a major effort by the Korean manufacturer to overhaul its mobile phone efforts.

It was so surprising that the decision was met so quickly (just three days), that Apple’s legal team actually rushed to the courtroom, showing up in polo shirts. No one thought it would happen so fast, as The Verge states on their live blog of the event:

Given the complexity of the task, a verdict back this soon is shocking. Some 700 individual decisions needed to be made for the jury to finish its job.

So what does the results mean for Samsung? The court ruled that Samsung was also willfully breaking patent law in the creation of nearly all of the devices in question (Fascinate, S 4G, S2 ATT, S2 Tmobile, Epic 4G Touch, Skyrocket, Showcase, Infuse 4G, Mesmerize, Vibrant, and more), which is really costing them in regards to the damages they’ll need to pay. It isn’t so much the infringement that makes them shell out the big bucks as it is the knowledge of infringement when doing it. The documents presented in court, especially the internal memos, really hurt Samsung in their fight against Apple.

As a result of their infringement, Samsung Mobility’s penalty is $1,051,855,000. 

In regards to Samsung’s countersuit (in which they claim Apple has infringed on several of their patents as well), Apple was victorious as well. The court ruled against Samsung’s case on every device, saying “no” across the board. Samsung was awarded $0 damages from Apple.

In regards to Anti-trust, Apple was successful in proving by a preponderance of the evidence that Samsung is barred by patent exhaustion from enforcing the discussed Samsung patents against Apple.

In summary, Apple came out quite victorious in their patent cases with Samsung Mobility. They didn’t win everything they went for, having received less than half of the initial amount requested, but it was enough of a victory to make this a very important day indeed.


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