The Avengers has been there, hiding, waiting in the back of my mind for years. It’s that movie that is too amazing to think about, too spectacular to even imagine, to the point that once you hear it’s in the planning, that it’s basically the sequel to like 6 other films, you promptly try to forget it. Partially because it’s so far away, and partially because… have you ever seen a movie series retain any of it’s brilliance after number 3? Have you even seen a movie that retained even some of it’s mediocrity after number 3? In case some of you are unaware let me show you an example of how bad this can get.

Your inner child just died a little inside

For those of you not crying after the decade long mental block was just dissolved, here is a sad truth: most movies that come in a series after three are terrible. Alien Resurrection, Underworld 4,  Star Wars Prequels, Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and as much as I want to put the Saw movies on this list, they were at least creative. And this is at a time when marvel was making blockbuster spectaculars like The Hulk.

But then came hope in the form of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America (Thor could have been just a little better). These movies are much better than the first group of Marvel films to come out. Maybe not better than Blade. They were way better than the Spider-Man films. (For purposes of political correctness I’m not permitted to say why I didn’t like the Spider man films)So even though The Avengers is basically the sequel to about 5 other movies (and more if you count remakes) I’m still excited for it. Here is why:

Christ had a beard Whedon has a beard Coincidence?

The man pictured above, for those not in the know, is Joss Whedon. He’s the man behind such television shoes and Buffy the Vampire slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, and the show Fox canceled because it was apparently causing people to brain aneurism from pure joy, Firefly. Those in the comic book world might also know him for Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog which showcases not only his ability to write plot and dialogue, but also his musical talents as well. Joss has also worked on several comics, including Astonishing X-Men, and part of Marvel’s Civil War series, which was one of the greatest comic book mini-series I’ve ever read. Ha ha the Punisher shot that guy for like no reason. So you may be asking why this bald nerd is important? Well, Marvel hired him to write and direct the Avengers movie.  I’m thinking they made a great choice, so long as Fox isn’t in charge of distribution.

"Quick Cancel all shows starting with F!"

This movie has pretty much everything you could ask for in a comic book movie. “Is there BATMAN!?!?!” Ok, well almost everything.

Imagine this: Cap and Iron Man will be bantering back and forth the entire movie, and Hulk will bring gratuitous violence, even if Ed Norton did have to be replaced for this film (That’s really the only gripe I have, no seriously). Then you have Scarlett Johansson sizzling up the screen as the Black Widow. Finally, Thor is there to hit stuff with a BAMF hammer and talk about godly stuff. Really if the writer and director have any idea what they are doing at all, this film should be impossible to screw up! Say it with me now: “JOSS WHEDON!”

HERE is a clip from Firefly that shows just how good Joss actually is at his job. Be warned however, the only damn clip I could find of this scene was horribly re-scored, so you should leave this guy a comment while you are there. Also tell him to add in the next 4 seconds where Walsh dies (That was important to my point).

When you look at all the things this film has going for it, asking whether The Avengers is going to be a good movie is a lot like loading up a bomber with the most advanced targeting tech possible, then giving the pilot three nukes, sending the entire thing into a city full of schools to drop their payload and then asking if any children were hurt. The actors all have experience playing their roles, the writer/director is not only an acclaimed comic book writer, but action adventure/sci-fi is his forte, and he’s won a ton of awards for them. Joss, if this movie isn’t at least passable you should become a yak farmer in the Himalayas. I for one will be lined up on Thursday for an entire marathon of marvel mayhem with Avengers at the end. Two days and counting.

Picture Credits:, I wonder if you wonder


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