Tether has been around for a while on other platforms, but not on the iPhone. That is, until a while ago when Tether came to the iPhone App Store for less than a day before getting pulled!

Tether for iPhone allowed iPhone users to tether their computers to their iPhone’s internet connection, without paying carriers the unjustified fee they wish to charge people. Apple quickly picked up on what the app was going to do, and ended it’s availability to the public.

The people at Tether were disappointed with Apple’s decision, since they’d been on many other platforms already, and thousands had download the app when it was available. Still, that didn’t get the people down, and they soon set out to get something available for iPhone users anyways.

But how do you bring the core functionality of your app to users without an app? Well, the folks here at Tether have decided to embrace Steve Jobs’ beloved HTML5, and use it against the corporate tag-teams in a way which they cannot block under federal law. They’ve created a web application.

It works through your web browser (mobile safari), completely reliant on HTML5, with no actual application being needed on your device. The only application that’s required is the desktop client from Tether, and a yearly subscription to the service. The service, should you chose to subscribe, will cost only $30 per YEAR (rather than AT&T’s per month charges). Overall, it’s extremely worth doing if you need this functionality. Here’s how to get it going:

Step 1) Visit http://tether.com/iphone and read the information provided about their product.

Step 2) Download the desktop client for your computer, and sign up for an account

Step 3) When you have both of those set up, create an ad hoc network from your computer. This is essentially a WiFi network without an actual IP address for connecting to the web.

Step 4) On your iPhone, visit Settings > WiFi > and choose the ad hoc network that you set up.

Step 5) Once your phone is connected to your computer’s ad hoc network, open Safari and visit tether.com/web

Step 6) You’ll be presented with a login screen. Input the username and password for your Tether.com account

Step 7) Once you log into your account, the clients will make the connection for you automatically.

With that, you’re fully set up and ready to rock your iPhone’s signal to your laptop! For a very small subscription fee of just $30 per YEAR, it’s totally worth it!

ACT FAST! – For the next week, Tether will be offering their service for a mere $15 for the entire year. That means you can have this working, and be able to tether your iPhone and iPad data connections at any time, regardless of firmware or jailbreak status, for just about $0.04 per day!

As an added bonus, you can add the website page as a web app, by clicking the icon under mobile Safari and choosing “Add to Home Screen.”

Now you can start the process really easily right from your home screen whenever you want. Just make sure the desktop client is running, and that you are connected to the ad hoc network your computer creates.

(Thanks to Chris Gustafson for the tip!)

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