In case you weren’t aware, Target was hacked last December, and a lot of their customers’ credit and debit card data was stolen. Today, Target has notified their customers (myself as being one of them) that these bits of data were not the only bits of data that were stolen. In fact, customer names, emails, mailing addresses, and phone numbers were also stolen. Basically… all of your information.

As a result, Target has now decided to bite the bullet and offer up a year of free credit monitoring to all of their U.S. based customers, so that they can monitor their credit can catch any problems that may occur. Anyone who’s shopped at Target before, including, and has used a credit card to pay for their purchases should take advantage of this offer.

You’ve probably received an email about this if you’re part of their customer base. The email will look like the one shown below


Email sent by Target

If you’ve received this message, follow the link and the instructions within the email to set up your free monitoring service. It’s always nice to know what’s happening with your credit, and this opportunity is definitely a good one to take advantage of, especially if you shop at Target.

I’m going through the steps right now, so I hope that nobody has messed with my credit yet. As per CreditKarma, I’m fine… but that only checks one of the three credit bureaus. This monitoring service likely monitors everything.


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