This is interesting. It seems Target has been falsely advertising a Playstation 3 Console for just $39.99. The website listing specifically states that the listing is selling a “Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System with 60GB Hard Drive” on it’s internet listing (pictured below). I first noticed this when it was posted on DealsPlus!

All seems well. It’s a Playstation 3 for only $40! WOW!

Okay, now let’s add this to our shopping cart…

Awesome… we’re almost there, man is this gonna be sweet! What a deal!

Now it in my cart. Let’s verify the information is accurate… judging by the photo I took during the checkout process, you can see it’s still a Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System with a 60GB Hard Drive. Things are looking good in the world now aren’t they? Now, it’s time to confirm our account information:

Okay good. I’m logged into my account, and I’ve got my proper address selected and the shipping selection picked as well. You’ll also notice that the page clearly says that i’m about to buy a “Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System with a 60GB Hard Drive” as well… Next step: Verify the shipping information:

Obviously, all personal information has been deleted from this publicly posted screenshot.

Awesome! Now for the payment information!

Obviously, all personal information has been deleted from this publicly posted screenshot.

I’m all set now. I’ve got the product (advertised as “Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System with 60GB Hard Drive”) and I’ve told them how I’m going to pay and where to ship it… I guess now All that’s left is to hit the BIG RED BUTTON that says “Place Your Order” on it!

… But wait.. something isn’t right anymore! Look closely as I’M FORCED TO SCROLL DOWN IF I WANT TO SEE A CHANGE IN MY ORDER ALL OF THE SUDDEN! The site listed the changes in the order down the page enough to where you will have to scroll in order to see it. Most people have seen the product 4 times at this point, and know that what they are buying is what they want… or is it?

At the last second possible, Target has CHANGED the product to a Playstation Move controller! WTF?!?

There have been many people online today that have went through this same process, ordering sometimes 2 or 3 consoles at this price. They went through all the steps, and then found out they had actually ordered something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT then what was advertised the entire time! Target, if I don’t get a Playstation 3 from this, you’re going to be hearing from my entire household, and hundreds of others who just put in an order on your lame ass advertised Playstation 3 Console! Even in the description on the final screen, they still picture the console with the words Playstation 3 right next to it.

The email confirmation received verifies that what was actually purchased as, in fact, a Playstation 3 Move Shooter Grip! Are you kidding me?!?

Is this legal? Is there really a way to force Target to honor the sale? What do you think? I’d love to hear some more about it.

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