After just finishing my Verizon Galaxy Nexus Review yesterday, (if you haven’t read through it, be sure to check it out) there were a few items that didn’t make the cut. One that I really wanted to talk about is the built-in panorama mode in the camera app. The weather today was finally cooperative of getting some panorama shots done. So I took a short walk to the park for some demonstration. This park has big trees, different colors of grass and leaves, and clay for a little baseball diamond. Perfect for testing out the camera.


The first thing to do is open up the camera app. Out of the box there is a shortcut on your homescreen, but if you’ve since changed that go ahead and open it in your app drawer. (If you are using the stock lockscreen you can also swipe to the left to go straight to the camera) Since we are taking a panorama, we are going to be holding the phone in landscape position. Portrait orientation will work but you will have to rotate your image, and it is harder to get the picture. In the lower right hand corner of the screen you can tap to switch from taking photos, to taking video or a panorama. The blue shutter button will turn green. We are now ready to begin.

The panorama works from left to right. So once your ready, hit that green button. This part takes a slow constant speed, and a bit of a steady hand. Don’t worry about little jostles in your movement because the camera can compensate for it. The camera will warn you if you are moving too fast. Once you have paused for a bit, or gotten to the end of the guideline at the bottom, the camera will begin to process the image. You will see the same guide from before filling up blue. A word of warning here. Don’t turn off the phone, or switch apps at this point. If you do the image processing will fail, and it will not save. Once the guide has filled all the way up your photo will save. You can now share it like any other photo in your gallery. Have fun taking great panoramas.


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