Hey all you MyTouch peeps! Guess what!? You finally got Gingerbread!

According to T-Mobile, a small group of MyTouch4G devices will get the update today, and the plan is to roll it out to everyone within a few weeks time.  “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!” – You’ll also be receiving, with Gingerbread, the ever popular “Swype” functionality, which allows Android users to type messages pretty much without lifting their fingers (or thumbs, if you’re normal). Along side this, you’re devices are going to “level-up” once again, and gain compatibility with Microsoft Exchange 2010 (how many business peopel actually use the MyTouch… show of hands?)

The update is said to fix many problems as well, including Bluetooth issues and saving messages from the inbox. It’ll also be helping to dish out a better roaming signal (within the states, of course), and give people a “more responsive” display,

T-Mobile is going to roll it out to people as they are able to, and many people won’t be getting it for a while. Still, good things come to those who wait… and you totally should. Gingerbread is badass.

(via AndroidCentral)


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