A new game has hit the Android Market and App Store that people are creating quite a buzz about. From previous reviews online, and some users showing it to me this morning, I can conclude that this game is really quite fun. You will likely attempt to find every opportunity out of your busy day to grab your phone and play it. It’s that good!

You play as a man named Jake Melton, a sport bike rider wearing a tuxedo, as you blaze through various types of traffic to successfully get to your wedding on time. Traffic however, is not as predictable as you’d like it to be, and drivers are just as clueless about the location of motorcyclists in the game as they are in the real world. As you make your way around cars, attempt to avoid staying in anybody’s blind spot for too long. Actually, you should probably do whatever it takes to blaze through it, since many drivers just happened to want to merge right as you approach them. The navigation on the game is very smooth, and I noticed really no glitches on the device I was playing it on.

Move quickly with a a long tap/hold of the screen, as you pull a wheelie with some booster power and barrel crazily (hopefully not completely out of control) by vehicles. Watch out though.. they love putting motorcycles into walls, or making them move into semi-trucks! This game will easily give you hours of enjoyment, and perhaps even a little frustration (it is traffic after all). Don’t get too addicted.

The game is available right now in the App Store for iOS (CLICK HERE), as well as the Android Market (CLICK HERE) for all to try out! Check out the Developer comments below the preview video here.


From The Developer:

Lane Splitter is a fast-paced arcade action game where your reflexes will mean the difference between either surviving or crashing in spectacular fashion!
Ride your sport bike at insane speeds through ever changing traffic. Keep an eye out for careless drivers and avoid vehicle blind spots. Easy to learn but hard to master. Do you have what it takes to reach “TOP SPEED”?


* Ridiculously addictive gameplay
* Simple and streamlined game design reminiscent of old school arcade games
* Beautifully rendered 3D environments that change every day you play
* Global leaderboards
* Facebook integration: compete with your friends for top score and post brags to your wall
* Awesome realistic sound effects recorded from a real sport bike!


– Tilt the phone to steer left and right
– Stay away from cars and walls
– Hang on for dear life!


– Tap and hold the screen to do wheelies (the longer you hold it, the more bonus points you get for each car passed)
– Pick up “Lane Splitter” bonuses by navigating your way in between cars during heavy traffic areas
– Compete for best wheelie times with your friends and the world by viewing the “Longest Wheelie” score boards from the main menu

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