Stumbleupon, for those who aren’t familiar, is a site that basically allows you do to exactly what it says: Stumble Upon things around the web.

We’ve all been there. Bored, or procrastinating on a research paper, or “studying” for an exam. Along our time as time-wasters, we often “stumble upon” things on the web that make us laugh, scared, freak out, and more. is a site that allows you to do this a bit more intelligently, if that’s possible, by opening you up to random things around the web that fit your interests, and things that other users have found to be worthy of submitting to them.

The site itself has very little content, aside from your ability to follow what people are stumbling on in a news-feed style layout (think “Digg”). The site hosts millions of people all the time, and it has just undergone a new change that makes things even simpler.

Stumbling used to require a bit more steps, but now, it’s as easy as just clicking on a topic that you like, and away you go! – You are encouraged to submit things you enjoy on the web to, so that others can stumble on them too. Some of the most viral videos and stories in history have come from people using Stumbleupon, despite many people not even knowing about the site. Personally, I use it a lot when I have nothing to do, and I’m in need of a laugh, or to learn some totally random fact that I can whip out at a party sometime. You know… for the ladies.

They’ve changed a lot of the interface, to add more of a social-networking element to their site. The profiles and “stumblr” feeds are now a bit cleaner, and they draw more attention from the larger content in front of you. I like it.

The logo has changed as well, going from a green/blue look, to a red look. You can see the updated buttons on this article. Give it a shot!¬†Here’s a couple of photos of the new interface. Have fun!

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