Airplay is a great feature for iOS, but it’s still not available for Macs! Even with Mac OS X Lion, you cannot stream a video from your Mac, to your iPad. Even if you could, the feature would no doubt be limited to having you on the same WiFi network. Third-Party app developers are great at filling in the gaps that Apple leaves open, and AirPlayIt is filling a really big gap! The video below, brought to you by a representative of the development team, gives you a brief rundown on the applications capabilities, which has since been enhanced and tweaked for bugs. Let’s dig in!



AirPlayIt is developed by Digiarty Software, Inc, who have also created some great software solutions including WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (and for Mac), and HD video converters for both platforms as well. AirPlayIt works with computer software (also available for free on their website) which works as a media server for the iOS app. The application is designed to make streaming media between your devices extremely easy and straight forward, and it does that fairly well. It has an attractive interface, simple menus, and a few attractive options that bring this app to the next level. It’s one of the only applications I’ve seen that is capable of streaming DRM videos, something that will make people who use iTunes a lot for content very happy.

The Setup:

AirPlayIt works quite smoothly, however there is a bit of setup to it. It’s not an issue however, because with one simple setup in the beginning, the app will run and do it’s thing for you automatically whenever you need it to (given that your computer is connected to the internet). You’ll need not just the app from the App Store, but you’ll also be needing their computer client software installed and running as well. This application can set itself to run automatically on start-up if you choose, and in my experience with it, it’s been a very quiet application. It’s not slowing down my system at all. In fact, I even went ahead and monitored it’s outgoing and incoming web traffic, and to my surprise, the app doesn’t appear to be even making any calls to the outside world unless I want it to. It’s very nice.

To set up the computer client, you’ll need to visit the developer website and download their software for Windows or Mac. In my case, it was for Mac OS X. Their website has done an excellent job of explaining the simple setup process, so I’ll just redirect you there with a separate window if you’re interested:

Click Here for Media Server Setup Instructions

How It Works:

From what I can see, AirPlayIt works wonderfully on iOS 5. I’ve been using it on an iPhone 4, so the experience may vary depending on your device, but overall my experience has been very smooth. It’s been made simple, and that’s the point.

When you have your media server client set up, you can boot up the app on your iDevice. The app boots quite quickly, setting you up with a variety of different options as far as where you’d like to look for content. You can look for a Local Server, which is your computer that’s connected to the same WiFi network as you, or a Remote Server, at a location that isn’t where you are! This opens up a lot of possibilities, one of them being streaming when you’re not at home, and connected to 3G (yes, cellular data is used). This will come as something amazing to those with unlimited data plans, but perhaps not quite as useful to those with those tiered plans from AT&T and Verizon. However, the Remote Server option would work fantastically for you anyways if you are on a WiFi Network other than your computer, such as at work or school.

With this app, you can have all of your videos with you without taking up space on your device. It does an exceptional job of streaming content from anywhere. I tried this on 3G as well, and it performed adequately with a strong signal. Those of you with weaker signal may find it difficult to stream HD movies over cellular data, and so there are settings that can be enabled to help you cope with that. We’ll get into those features in a bit, but first, let’s talk a bit more about the interface.

The AirPlayIt Experience:

First let’s talk about the iOS app itself. It’s sleek, and it’s very organized. The menus are very easy to navigate, and the features are straight forward. Having said that, there are a few areas that could end up throwing you for a loop, and you may not really know what to do with these options at first.

When you choose the location in the first screen (let’s say, Local Server), you’ll be sent to another area where all of your shared content is held. Some of these areas are other folders that will lead you inside them, while other videos may possibly be located right within your folders. It’s really all about how your files are organized. Files can be accessed over your local WiFi connection (preferred if you don’t have unlimited data), or remotely to your connected computer at home. The beauty of it is, you don’t need WiFi to stream high-quality videos to your iPhone or iPad, unless you’re running close on your data limit for the month.

The app is fairly stable as well. There was a bit of bugs in previous versions, especially 1.0 when I first started using it, but since then this application has received enhancements and had some fine-tuning done to it for a pleasant experience.

The app is available on the App Store right now, and it’s free of charge. You will also need their desktop client, which is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows users.



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