Have you ever been intensively using an app, or playing a game, or in the middle of an email, and been interrupted by a phone call? It can be frustrating to have to stop when the phone rings, but we can’t blame the person calling. It’s not like the knew, right? Still, for jailbroken iPhones, there is a way to avoid that hassle altogether with a new tweak from Cydia!

It’s called CallBar by Limneos and Joshua Tucker. It’s primary feature involves allowing users to address phone calls in an iOS 5 notification style banner along the top. No longer will you need to stop what you are doing to address a phone call. You can continue using the app how you like!

This also includes support for Apple’s popular video calling service, FaceTime. Now instead of automatically turning on your camera and turing off your app, you’ll have a choice, and that makes us happy!

The Cydia application is available in Cydia Right Now from the ModMyi Repo for a price of $3.99. Go GET IT!

Give it a try, and let us know how you like it! :D


(Special thanks to C&JH on Facebook for the tip!)

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